Due to the high performance of this Eightball electric skateboard it is possible, under certain riding profiles and styles, to overheat the motor and cause permanent damage. Please get to know your Eightball board in relation to your personal riding style. Regularly check the motor temperature. It is normal for the motor to get quite warm, but if it gets to the point where it is uncomfortable to grip the motor case in your hand then it must be allowed to cool. This can take up to 45minutes.

Please adhere to the weight limit for your board and never ride a passenger.

Only use your Eightball board on concrete, ash felt or other hard surfaces. The Bigfoot may also be used on hard pack tracks or DRY short grass, but never use on long or wet grass or loose surfaces as this will cause undue strain on the motor. Only use your Eightball board in dry conditions.

Please ensure you read and understand the owner’s manual before using your Eightball board. Always wear protective clothing.

Do not overcharge your battery, when the light goes green, turn it off.

As with any skateboard It it illegal to ride your Eightball board on the pavement or public highway.

For after sales support or if you experience any problems with your board please contact Eightball direct by e-mail on [email protected] Please do not contact your stockist.

Ride safe, ride responsibly, and enjoy!!!









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