FAQ/Technical Help


  • “Powered transporters” is a term used to cover a variety of novel and emerging personal transport devices which are powered by a motor, including e-scooters.
  • Given how powered transporters are motorised and designed, they fall within the legal definition of a “motor vehicle”. Therefore the laws that apply to motor vehicles apply to powered transporters.
  • It is illegal to use a powered transporter on a public road without complying with a number of legal requirements, which potential users will find very difficult.
  • It is illegal to use a powered transporter in spaces which are set aside for use by pedestrians, cyclists, and horse-riders. This includes on the pavement and in cycle lanes.
  • Any person who uses a powered transporter on a public road or other prohibited space in breach of the law is committing a criminal offence and can be prosecuted.
  • It is legal to use a powered transporter on private land with the permission of the land owner.

Is it legal to use our products in my country ?

Regulations vary for every country. For regulatory inquiries, please contact your local retailer for more information.

What age can you use our products ?

We recommend that our products are suitable for persons over the age of 14 years.

Remember our products are not toys.

However this is a recommendation only.

Do I have to wear protective equipment ?

We recommend using a helmet and protective elbow and knee pads.

Technical help and quote for repairs call 01603 670840.

Please note:
It is not legal to ride an electric skateboard on the public highway in the UK.